alqemist on JAMU

alqemist on JAMU

May 16, 2023

alqemist recommends: JAMU BIO Cannabis Drink with ginger and curcuma for a holistic and conscious enjoyment

As the founding team of alqemist, we (Philipp Berger & Julian Baladurage) keep an eye on the CBD market and always look out for new and exciting entrepreneurs and innovations in our industry and this is how we came across Kevin Singh Witzorek and his company JAMU Organic Spices. The JAMU Wellness line consists of 3 unique flavors: JAMU No1, No2 and No3. The drinks are based on original Indonesian jamu recipes and contain bioactive herbal ingredients such as turmeric, ginseng, ginger and aloe vera. These ingredients, in alternative medicine known as "adaptogens" (from the English word "to adapt") come with a variety of advantages to strengthen both body and mind.

Naturally carbonated mineral water as well as organic juices allow a faster absorption of micronutrients and provide balanced, and delicious flavors for JAMU No1 "Beauty Booster with Superpower", JAMU No2 "An OM with every sip" and JAMU No3, the "Energizer with stimulating effect".

A little over a year ago, the product portfolio of JAMU Organic Spices has been extended with the BIO Cannabis Drink with ginger and curcuma, which quickly became our go-to-office drink.

As we can see a lot of parallels between our own company’s philosophy and the holistic approach of JAMU Organic Spices, we want to give our readers a short introduction to the company behind this wellness drink:

“JAMU” can be translated as "healing by herbs, flowers and roots" and refers to an Indonesian herbal medicine, which was originally reserved for the aristocracy of the island of Java. A healthy body and mind as well as the inner and outer beauty, which are the focal points of an ancient jamu practice, reminded us of the Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings.

At the alqemist we also firmly believe that only the power of nature can improve our environment as well as human well-being. For this reason, we use extracts from a plant with proven effects.

As you might already know, the CBD extract in our products consists of ecological and sustainable hemp from the EU, produced avoiding agricultural chemicals, pesticides or genetic engineering.

All the ingredients in JAMU Organic Spices drinks are sustainably sourced and come from organically certified agricultures. The highest quality Cannabis Sativa extract in BIO Cannabis Drink is manufactured using a unique and artisan method. Processing the hemp plant in a holistic way, allows all the additional values of it to be utilized.

In our article "Top 5 - That's how CBD works", we already explained some of the health-promoting properties of cannabidiol (short CBD). Therefore we were more than excited when we heard of the "Entourage Effect" in the Cannabis Drink by JAMU.

Pure CBD combined with other cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils becomes even more effective: only when highly potent valuable ingredients of the cannabis plantwork together, their full potential can unfold. This "full-spectrum extract" (or German: Cannabis Sativa Extrakt) is known to relieve anxiety and have an antispasmodic effect. In addition, it alleviates migraine, insomnia, depression and many other complaints.

Apart from the high potency Cannabis Sativa Extract, the JAMU Bio Cannabis drink contains two natural immune boosters - ginger and curcuma. These natural adaptogens are known for centuries for a variety of healing properties, f.ex. ginger acts antibacterial and is rich in vitamin C, while curcuma not only gives the drink its vital orange color, but is also known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

All-in-all the BIO Cannabis Drink by JAMU Organic Spices is a very promising product!

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