General Health Benefits of CBD

General Health Benefits of CBD

Oktober 07, 2019

5 Amazing General Health Benefits of CBD

Growing in popularity in recent years, hemp-derived cannabidiol (known as CBD for short) is a powerful agent with several health benefits. Derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD is used in many forms, including oil tinctures, gummies, and even creams.

When CBD is absorbed by the body, it flows through your bloodstream and makes its way to the brain where it can work wonders in regulating factors such as pain, anxiety, sleep and depression to name but a few.

Healing Benefits of CBD

Widely regarded for its healing benefits and miraculous effects, CBD is becoming more and more popular and accepted in society. Let’s take a look at 5 of the top general health benefits of CBD...

1. May Help Relieve Chronic Pain

One of the most common general health benefits of CBD products is relief from pains ranging from minor to severe based on the strength and concentration of CBD.

There have been scientific studies that back CBD based pain relief and is used worldwide by many to relieve the symptoms of conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and even the side-effects of some cancers.

2. May Reduce Anxiety

Many suffer from anxiety, and it can be challenging to manage with many prescribed medications, not making much improvement to the condition. But a study published in 2010 looked at the difference in the effects of CBD and a placebo for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) using neuroimaging to look at the differences in blood flow to the brain. A daily oral dose of 50mg of CBD oil found that CBD had a significant effect on anxiety. Lots of people use CBD in various forms to manage their anxiety disorders.

3. May Help to Reduce Fear

CBD can decrease acute fear, which is how people show their fear. There is no specific dosage recommended for this but more about what works on an individual basis. Cannabidiol works by disrupting memory reconsolidation (also known as what’s been re-remembered), leading to sustained fear reduction.

Granted, the general health benefits of CBD don’t work for everyone, but there have been studies to say that CBD may help PTSD as well. When traumatic memories are remembered, they are stored as “important” by the brain. By this statement, CBD could disrupt this process, and eventually lead to less severe negative memories being processed. This is related to helping fight fear through exposure. In which CBD could help improve the therapeutic healing process.

4. May Reduce Depression and Improve Mood

Among its many benefits, CBD has also been found to help depression by relieving depression-like symptoms and improving general health benefits. A 2015 study demonstrated that CBD applies fast and maintained antidepressant-like effects. Therefore, many choose to use CBD instead of doctor prescribed anti-depressants.

5. May Reduce Stress

In the same way that CBD is used to manage the effects of depression, there is plenty of evidence suggesting that CBD can be great for stress management as well. Using CBD for stress works similarly as it does for anxiety, depression, mood and other neuro-related effects. CBD has been found to help decrease traumatic and chronic stress in both human and animal studies.