Benefits of using CBD

Benefits of using CBD

November 25, 2019

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most populated cannabinoid in hemp plant after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Only recently due to legalization in many countries CBD is being used not only for medical purposes but also as a dietary supplement. The four most researched application areas include pain relief, anxiety and nervousness, depression and sleep disorders [2]. 

While THC is the substance that causes people to “get high” when consuming marijuana, CBD has no such psychoactive effects. Countless animal studies have shown very promising results in many areas. The studies provide good indications of how a substance could work in the human organism and give initial insights about the possible dose-response relationship. As a next step, the effects need to be tested first in smaller, then in larger human studies to see whether the same effects can be expected. This is the current milestone of scientific research in this field. 

At the moment there are comparatively few studies that have investigated the influence of CBD on the human body. For this reason, it is currently only possible to make promises regarding its effectiveness only in a few cases. However, its use has been widespread in the population for several years and numerous testimonials report a positive impact on areas such as pain relief, stress reduction, sleep improvement, anxiety reduction, improved digestion, just to name a few. 

Due to the fact that there are currently over 200 ongoing human studies, it can be expected that science will also confirm some of the effects mentioned above. Unlike other companies, we therefore do not want to make promises that are not backed by scientific evidence. However, based on the numerous positive experience reports, we are convinced that there will be concrete evidence in the near future. With our product, we believe that we are one step ahead of science. 

What we already know about CBD is that it can start where modern medicines stop. In cases where pharmacological agents against epilepsy no longer help, CBD has been used successfully for a long time to prevent seizures [3]. Moreover, it could be shown that the consumption of CBD relieves nervousness and anxiety and further has antipsychotic as well as neuroprotective properties [4]. It also shows promising effects with regard to the reduction of withdrawal symptoms from drugs, schizophrenia, post- traumatic stress, depression, bipolar disorders, sleep disorders and Parkinson's, whereby the first indications from the literature still have to be confirmed by further evidence [4]. 


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