How to determine the right dose

How to determine the right dose

Mai 21, 2020

In previous articles, we talked about different purposes, for which CBD products can be used as well as which specific forms are available and what their characteristics are. Regardless of whether for sleep disorders, pain, arthrosis, epilepsy or another of the various conditions of use and whether as oil, tea-buds or spray, the necessary dosage is not a one-size-fits-all recommendation. So we have to start a little experiment to determine the extra amount for us individually.

Start low and increase if necessary

As resourceful businesspeople, like others, we could say, that you need a certain amount of a product to get a certain effect; the products would empty faster and our customers would have to order more often. In fact, every person needs a different amount and we highly believe in the approach, as much as needed, as little as possible.

A comprehensive study review points out that amounts of up to 1500 milligrams per day are generally very well tolerated and that includes surveys of people who are taking CBD for various outcomes [1]. But as always, there can be exceptions. For this reason, we advise to start with a minimum dosage and to obtain how well you generally tolerate a dietary supplement. Only when this step is done, you can start to increase according to your personal needs.

This process is called "microdosing" or "self-titration". In small doses, like a single drop, a push of our Spray or a quarter teaspoon with our hemp flower tea, you should then discover the amount per trial to see how it should be used. Keeping track on your symptoms and the relief is absolutely crucial in order to determine the right amount. There are also various apps on the market for recording sleep quality, pain symptoms or mood, stress and digestive issues. These can help to increase the precision through standardised questionnaires.

The sweet spot

The correct dose should have the maximum desired effect with a minimal amount. At this point, the sweet spot, you will begin to feel the power of CBD without experiencing any side effects. Taking the time to do it pays off, because you avoid taking more than necessary. However, you should always keep in mind that the human body is a dynamic system and not a machine. It changes over time, not only due to age, but also due to changes in other circumstances. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the symptoms and adjust the dosage if necessary.

Quality is key when it comes to determining the right dose

There are many CBD products on the market now, but they are not all the same. What connects them is the type of plant - hemp - which delivers the CBD. The differences, however, lie in the breed, the cultivation, the manufacturing process and the carriers that are used. Lower quality products often fluctuate in their CBD content and usually do not contain the amount that is declared. It is therefore impossible to find out the individual amount for personal needs.

We only use hemp, which is produced ecologically and sustainably within the EU and consciously without the use of pesticides, crop protection agents and genetic engineering. Our natural MCT oil, which is obtained from coconuts, guarantees a neutral, smooth taste and also ensures optimal bioavailability. Thanks to a special extraction process, our oil is 100% THC-free and has the highest purity in the world at 99.7%. Only this pharmaceutical quality makes it possible to determine the exact dosage for yourself.


1. Iffland, Kerstin, and Franjo Grotenhermen. "An update on safety and side effects of cannabidiol: a review of clinical data and relevant animal studies." Cannabis and cannabinoid research 2.1 (2017): 139-154.