CBD Sleep Spray

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  • Are you having trouble falling or staying asleep? Do you feel awake in the evening and tired the next morning?

    Then you probably suffer from insomnia. Sleep disorders can have serious psychological and physical consequences. Fatigue, concentration problems, exhaustion, irritability and many other symptoms reduce your quality of life enormously and can quickly become a serious burden. The cause of sleep problems is often a lack of melatonin, the body's own sleep hormone. The hormone is released naturally by the body in the evening to ensure a better quality of sleep. A variety of circumstances, such as stress, bright display light and a lack of sunlight often exacerbate these problems. With our CBD melatonin sleep spray, we combine the best natural ingredients to mitigate your sleep problems. The natural sleep hormone melatonin can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. We also use natural CBD, MCT oil and Japanese mint for a fresh taste.

Type: Spray

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